Bluetechnix Design + Development

Corporate Identity, Website Design and Packaging for Bluetechnix

Bluetechnix is an Austrian business that specializes in high quality manufacturing of embedded systems. Products include development boards, smart cameras and a broad range of extension modules. Bluetechnix also offers customized embedded systems including customer support and has an in-house EMC laboratory.
For the logo design process, we got our inspiration from the basic material Bluetechnix uses in its manufacturing process: Silicon. Silicon naturally appears in a diamond cube crystal structure and in different colors (blue, grey, brown) depending on its degree of clarity.
Since the color blue already was Bluetechnix' corporate color before we started developing a new identity and since it generally has a very positive connotation in the minds of the public, this was a great starting point.
We examined silicon's crystalline molecular structure and created a 3D model from which the logo's form derived. We also analyzed images of the element and worked out a range of colors between blue, anthracite and brown.
The 3D model's vertices determined the logo's color gradient.
Even though the visual identity is subject to a clear set of rules, it provides a certain amount of flexibility at the same time. We developed different variants of the logotype which are used on business cards, stationary, the website, packaging, etc. As part of the design process, we also created a new slogan for the business together with the client, which would match its new identity: Embedding Ideas.