Caruso Carsharing Identity

Corporate Identity Design for CARUSO Carsharing

The new CARUSO logo highlights the presence of the two words within its name: CAR and USO. Binding them together the logo gives an immediate idea of connection and union, drawing with its own letters a new graphical symbol.
The connecting movement, between the R and the U, that also symbolize an handshake, was realized by modifying some details of these letters.

To underline graphically the two parts of the name, different font styles and colors have been chosen. The typeface Nexa, characterized by excellent legibility in both web and print design areas, has been used in Bold for the word CAR and Slab Bold for the word USO.

The colors, aim to bring out the meaning of the two words and visualize the different topics, which they are standing for. Cyan, used for the word CAR, symbolises technology and the green of USO, in Latin use, points out the eco-friendly use of the cars. Together the two words express the service offered by the company.

Both, font and colors, fresh and modern, want to characterize the innovation of this new way of mobility.

  • Team

    Erika Glionna
    Roland Kainbacher
    Stefan Kainbacher

  • Disciplines

    Graphic Design

  • Tools

    Creative Suite