Fintenig Identity + Products

Creating the corporate design of the organic farm "Fintenig" in St. Georgen, Carinthia.

Reinhold Kaimbacher, organic farmer and apiarist at "Fintenig" organic farm, produces 14 different kinds of schnapps as well as honey. His products are sold at local markets. In order to stand out from the hundreds of similar products at these markets, we had to create a unique label that catches the customer's eye in an instant.
The idea was to create a label that – just by looking at it – gives an idea of what ingredients the product contains. Following the Hermann grid illusion, we used a simple square as the basic element for the schnapps' label and modified it slightly for the honey by using a honeycomb.
The squares took on different colors according to the flavor of each product. This is where generative design comes into play: each color palette was generated by analyzing the colors in prototypical pictures of the main ingredient. This procedure makes it very easy to add products to the existing range.
The products were labelled dedicating one square to each letter. The letters were arranged next to as well as below one another, which makes it hard to decode the word at first sight. Playing with the intoxicating effect of the alcoholic beverage, this encourages the consumer to take a second look and interact with the product. All designs were printed on eco friendly, uncoated paper.

  • Team

    Roland Kainbacher
    Marlene Leichtfried
    Stefan Kainbacher

  • Disciplines

    Generative Art Graphic Design

  • Tools

    Creative Suite Nodebox