Corporate identity and brand development for Manøver club night

Manøver is a club night that regularly takes place at “Grelle Forelle”, one of Vienna's best electronic night clubs. It is hosted by several members of the Beauty Parlour team and a couple of their friends. The (bi-)monthly event has featured international artists such as Art Department, Sascha Funke or Guti.
Beauty Parlour developed the brand in cooperation with Ben Kuëss (also part of the Manøver Crew and Graphic Designer), which included naming, designing the logotype, creating a related language, graphic design and animations.
Looking at the acutal meaning of Manøver, it is described as a large-scale tactical exercise which is carried out under simulated conditions involving naval units. This definition suggests that a large group of people is involved in the activity (the party crowd) and that it may be executed in a maritime evironment (Grelle Forelle). Manøver takes up on Grelle Forelle's aquatic theme and develops it further exploring the naval side of it. The Norwegian word Manøver, rather than the German or English equivalent, was chosen for its "Ø" which serves as a strong, recognizable symbol in Manøver's online and offline communication.
For its event and all other forms of communication, Manøver developed an extensive corporate language based on sailor's slang: "Hauptdeck" (main deck) for the main floor, "Kombüse" (caboose) for the second floor, "Vorbesprechung" and "Nachbesprechung" (briefing/debriefing) for pre parties and after hours, etc.

In Manøver's first season, the concept for the posters, flyers and all other images dealt with the transition from a constructed, sharp-edge, technical world to a contrasting organic, photorealistic counterpart. The first layer consists of a wave-structured technical wireframe made up of polygon-meshes. These cmyk colored polygon-meshes create a fake anaglyph effect that plays with the viewer's perception.
For the second layer, a photorealistic rendering of the softened and more detailed wireframes was produced. These two layers blend into one another creating a smooth transition from the organic to the technical waves.
All subjects were inspired by Manøver's theme and have included a lighthouse, a paper nautilus, a fishing cutter, etc.

For the second season, the "Ø" was developed further by adding the anchor. While the "Ø" as the basic symbol remained, we experimented with different techniques and materials for each event, such as neon tubes or neon paper.